Why is Plastec Ventilation products perfect for fume hoods and laboratory exhaust systems?

Plastec Ventilation provides chemical and corrosion resistant blowers, fans and HVAC accessories. Our products were specifically designed to be chemical resistant with the demand of highly corrosive environments in mind. For example, our design elements include all-polypropylene construction and thick walls to ensure maximum protection against chemicals, acids and other corrosives. This makes Plastec product’s perfect for laboratory hoods, chemical hood systems, general chemistry fume hoods, chemical exhaust and much more. Plastec products and equipment are routinely used in general chemistry, laboratories, chemical production, industrial plants, hospitals, universities, general labs and alike.

If a chemical fume hood is made from polypropylene, why use a steel fan or blower?

When it comes to fume hood and laboratory exhaust, Plastec Ventilation has you covered!

Benefits of using Plastec’s equipment for laboratory fume hood exhaust:

• Extreme chemical resistance that is designed for highly corrosive environments
• Ideal for fume hood applications
• All thick-wall polypropylene construction
• Rotary molded housing that prevents leaks
• Injection molded impeller that ensures high performance and consistency
• No metal in the air stream thereby reducing rust or other degradation
• CFM range up to 8,835cfm • Static pressures available from .25” to 8”
• Industry leading sound performance, decibel levels from 42db-82db (measured at 5 feet)
• Does not support growth of bacteria
• Unaffected by moisture
• Available in carbon impregnated housing and wheel for explosive environments -up to and including Div 1 Class 1
• ATEX certified • Less expensive than fiberglass or stainless steel with up to 50% savings
• Lightweight and compact for ease of installation and weight constraints
• Cost effective air flow alarms available for chemist’s and researcher’s safety

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Plastec Ventilation Inc. is the North America Subsidiary of SEAT ventilation, located in Verniole, France. Together we bring 50 years of quality, service and experience that you can rely on. We ship more than 50,000 units annually.

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