Why Plastec is perfect for fume hoods and laboratory exhaust?

When it comes to fume hood and laboratory exhaust, Plastec Ventilation has you covered! Plastec Ventilation provides corrosion resistant blowers and HVAC accessories. Benefits of using Plastec for laboratory fume hood exhaust:

  • Extreme chemical resistance for highly corrosive environments and exhaust
  • 1. All polypropylene construction-if your fume hood is made from polypropylene why would you use a steel fan?
    • Rotary molded housing-no leaks!
    • Injection molded impeller-high performance and consistency!
    • No metal in the air stream-no rust or degradation!
  • Ideal for single fume hood applications
  • 1. CFM range up to 8,835cfm
    2. Static pressures available from .25” to 8”
  • Great sound performance sound-decibel levels from 42db-82db(measured at 5 feet)
  • Does not support growth of bacteria
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Available in spark resistant model with carbon impregnated housing and wheel-up to and including Div 1 Class 1
  • Less expensive than fiberglass or stainless steel-1/2 the cost!
  • Lightweight and compact for ease of installation and weight constraints.
  • Cost effective air flow alarms available for chemist’s and researcher’s safety

We are here to help and more provide the perfect solution for your chemical extraction needs. Plastec Ventilation Inc. is the North America Subsidiary of SEAT ventilation, located in Verniole, France. Together we bring 50 years of quality and service and experience you can rely on. We ship over 50,000 units annually.

Fast shipping-Ships in 2-5 business days! Same day shipping based upon time of day and delivery method.

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