Why Plastec is perfect for food processing?

When it comes to food processing exhaust, Plastec Ventilation has you covered! Plastec Ventilation provides corrosion resistant blowers and HVAC accessories. Plastec’s SS series blowers are reliable protecting people and processes from harmful temperatures and Plastec’s SS stainless steel blowers utilize 316SS which is undergoes an electro polishing process. Benefits of using Plastec for food processing exhaust:

  • Electro polishing-housing, hubs and impellers all undergo the electro polishing process.
  • 1. DOES NOT RUST-Removes imperfections-no imbedded contaminants
    2. Reduced product adhesion
    3. Improved finish and appearance
  • Washdown
  • 1. Product is easily cleaned
    2. Motors available in wash down
  • Meets USDA standards
  • Competitive cost
  • CFM range up to 4,500
  • Static pressures available up to 10”
  • Housings rated for 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No welds
  • Teflon Gaskets
  • Does not support growth of bacteria
  • Unaffected by moisture

We are here to help and more provide the perfect solution for your food processing needs. Plastec Ventilation Inc. is the North America Subsidiary of SEAT ventilation, located in Verniole, France. Together we bring 50 years of quality and service and experience you can rely on. We ship over 50,000 units annually.

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