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natatoriums, indoor pool ventilation systems, indoor hot tubs & chlorine rooms

When it comes to natatoriums, indoor pool ventilation systems, indoor hot tubs, chlorine rooms and other areas where chlorine chemical fumes need to be ventilated, Plastec Ventilation has you covered! Plastec Ventilation provides corrosion resistant fans, blowers and HVAC equipment that is specifically designed to resist the harsh environment created by chlorine usage. As chlorine fume extraction specialists, we have products specially designed to work in these sorts of environments.

• Designing a natatorium, indoor pool area or chemical handling room?
• Tired of routinely replacing corroded blowers and fan equipment?
• Worried about the effects of chlorine on your HVAC system?
• Concerned about providing and acceptable environment for your occupants and guest?
• Is your current ventilation system designed to ventilate chlorine fumes?
• Building a natatorium, chlorine room, indoor pool or chemical room?
• Need help choosing the right blowers and fans for your indoor pool area?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then please reach out to us 866-360-2422 or via our Contact page.

We are here to help and moreover provide the perfect solution for your chlorine extraction needs. Plastec Ventilation, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of SEAT Ventilation, which is located in Verniolle, France. Together, we bring over 45 years of quality service and experience you can rely on.

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